IKEA has some AWESOME kitchen cabinets, but they’re not as DIY friendly as you think, especially if you have any of the things listed below in your kitchen… Trust us; it can be frustrating trying to install or even design your kitchen with some of these!

Lets find this Kitchen Remodel Without Kitchen Cabinet Sizes Chart

1. Are The Walls In Your Kitchen “Square?”

Most homeowners go on living there lives never noticing how crooked their walls are. There’s apparently some that do, but for the majority of homeowners its something that is walked merely by without notice every day.

This can cause a severe headache when trying to mount your IKEA kitchen cabinets, especially when installing the base cabinets… Unless you’re familiar with “floating” a wall with drywall mud to make it as square as possible, or even using shims to get your cabinets strait, you’re going to have a difficult time getting your cabinets mounted without twisting them after they’ve been screwed to the wall.

And here a few things you should know about twisted cabinets:

They will cause your doors and drawers not to line up, EVER…
You run the risk of setting your countertops on un-level cabinets which increase the risk of your counters cracking, whether immediately or sometime during the settling process of your new IKEA kitchen…
The two-point above really just “suck” if you’ve spent your hard earned money on a kitchen that is twisted with cracked quartz or granite

2. Is The Ceiling In Your Kitchen Level?

Building an IKEA kitchen often requires you to install crown molding… And if you’re going all the way to the ceiling with your cabinets, then you want to make sure that you’re ceiling are as level as possible.

If they’re not level, then your best bet is to drop them down a 1/2″ or so lower than the required 1 1/8″ space for your IKEA crown molding… A neat trick that we often use is the find the lowest point in the ceiling and mount our cabinets at that line. Then once we have the cabinets hung and the crown molding installed, we just run a bead of caulk between the crown and the ceiling to hide the gap and to give the offices a complete “built-in” look.

3. Are Your Floors Level?

This point ties into the headache of the first in that you run the risk of twisting your cabinets or cracking your countertops if your cabinets aren’t leveled to the un-levelness of the floor (I think I just made that word up.

If you can, hire a professional to come out and level your floor. It’ll save you a ton of time and frustration! Trust me!

4. If You’re Installing New Tile Flooring, WAIT Until The Cabinets Are Installed…

The reason we recommend this to all of our clients is that the space underneath your cabinets is never seen.

So why waste money on laying tile under the cabinets? Depending on the size of your kitchen and the square footage of your kitchen floor, you can save a BOATLOAD of money on labor and materials by tiling up to the legs of the already installed IKEA kitchen cabinets.

Some idea to do this kitchen remodel i got from this video too, so check this out :

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