kitchen design for small house
Do you have a small kitchen or does your kitchen just seem very small? This can have multiple causes. A kitchen can be small, but with the wrong means and solutions akitchen can appear smaller. This is why it is important that you more the kitchen in an optimal and efficient way so that the space feels comfortable. For example, consider smart storage, the best layout and creativity.

We would like to give you 10 helpful tips and inspiration to kitchen design for small house.

Tip 1: Clean up

Before you start to decorate your kitchen, it may be wise to clean it out very well. Everything you don’t need or have never used in recent years goes away. Then just hold the old kitchen completely empty and start a new start.

Tip 2: Expansion

Then it’s time to think about whether you can and want to expand. Do you limit your kitchen to the garden, you would basically be able to make the kitchen bigger but you want to sacrifice a piece of garden? You can also extend the kitchen indoors by eating something from another room.

Tip 3: Compact

Try to keep everything as compact as possible. Do your coffee cups fit together so that they can be stacked? Are the pans stackable? All kitchen tools also take up a lotof space. Therefore, it is important to purchase as few and as small tools as possible.

Tip 4: Less is more

Do not try to do too much in a small kitchen in terms of colours, materials and furniture but keep it simple. In addition, it is also an idea to think about what you want to have in the kitchen and what could be moved to another room?

TIP 5: Installation Equipment

Ovens, microwaves, steam ovens, refrigerators, freezer, dishwasher and all other equipment requires a lot of space in a kitchen. If you have very little room you will have to make decisions that are not fun. An oven is definitely a must in the kitchen but do you use a microwave actually so much? A fridge is also a must but maybe you can place a small fridge in the kitchen and a larger one in the pantry or garage? The freezer can of course also be in the utility room or garage. In this way you will make all sorts of weighing that you’ll eventually save space.

Tip 6: Budget

Creating a small kitchen handy does not cost a lot of money but if you want to use innovative systems to use the small space as optimally as possible, it can be a little more expensive. Remember in advance how much you want to spend on your kitchen and how your budget is built up? Where do you give the most money and whereless?

Tip 7: Color usage

Once you find out the kitchen and order it is wise to think about the color of the kitchen before you actually press the ordering button. Small kitchens ask for light and neutral colours to make the kitchen feel more. The colour of the walls, floor and ceiling is also part of this. You create a more effect when you paint the walls and ceiling in a light colour and darken the floor slightly.

TIP 8: Altitude

As in any small space, we always advise to use the height you have. Kitchen cabinets can go through to the ceiling, hangings on your ceiling for pans etc. or hang shelves for all the tools.

TIP 9: Lighting

Good lighting can make your kitchen look bigger during the evening hours. Dark corners seem small and illuminated parts are just larger. Therefore, try to choose lighting that shines light everywhere in your kitchen.

Tip 10: Food in the kitchen

Would you like to eat in your kitchen, but do you have too little space for a dining table? Think of a bar in the kitchen. These are smaller and easily fit somewhere between.

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